Monday, July 28, 2008

High Performance YOUTH TEAM Blog: July 27th

Okay… Now is Danica!! Wow… mine is probably going to just be a repeat of what Court said, because it’s the same day :] haha. Well we went to sugar loaf in the morning! It was fun, Bruno was scared because he doesn’t like heights. But the view was really pretty and we saw a monkey!! (Ish… I think I might have seen it, but I’m not sure.) After that we went to lunch then headed to our first match of the tournament! We lost the first two set…. Then one the third… and then the fourth! Then you would never guess what happened during the fifth… just kidding you probably can… We won! Haha it was 15-6. :] it was an awesome match! After that we went back to the hotel and got ready to go to the samba club thingy! Pretty much everyone was dressed up. It was so fun!!! We were just being stupid and dancing and having a good time. The music wasn’t really dancing music… or what we normally dance to, but it was a lot of fun!! Okay well that is pretty much are day! Peace out everyone :]

P.S. Larry if you read this I can’t email you back until I get home! So if you want to know what happened during our day just read the blogs and such! Miss and love ya!

High Performance YOUTH TEAM Blog: July 25th & 26th

Hey everyone!!! Courtney again. July 25th was a great day!! The youth team enjoyed a nice relaxing day. It first started out by us enjoying a nice trip to the top of the famous Sugar Loaf Mountain. The youth went off trail hiking and even got to see a monkey (so we think). We were at the mountain for about 3 hours. After the mountain we went to lunch and enjoyed some more great Brazilian food. We then had the first game of our tournament. It started off kinda shaky but we came back and CONQUERED!!!! It was a great game. Down 2 games to none, we came back and won. It was a great game. Everyone fought hard and tough and it was fabulous. After the game we went back to the hotel and got dressed up all cute to the Samba Club. It was a ton of fun. We all had on our cute dresses and spent the night dancing away. After the Samba we went back to the hotel and went to bed to prepare for our second day of games.
Love you all and miss you bunches :-)

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Sunday, July 27, 2008

High Performance JUNIOR TEAM Blog: July 26th

Well…today was a wonderful day! We did a lot of chilling and cheering! This morning we got to sleep in very very late! Then we went for a stroll on the beach and saw many giant waves. There was a lot of people body surfing and it was really cool to watch. Then we went to the market as a team and April and I shared a pizza. The USA mens team beat BRAZIL in three games this morning and we were screaming and going crazy in our room! Then we went to the youth’s game later and they lost in 4 games. They played so good, it was really sad! But the town that we went to was beautiful! The gym was super nice!! And now we are going to sleep!!! I’m tired! Goodnight! -Kortnie Christiansen junior team

Wat up from Rio! Today was a pretty chill day. We woke up for breakfast to find out that all of our coaches got tickets to see the USA vs. BRAZIL match…let me tell you I (and many others) were majorly jealous! So Kortnie, Emma, Fiona, April, Michelle, and I all decided to have a party in our hotel room with Guarana, and Brazilian cookies and chocolate as we watched the USA men beat up on the Brazilians in 3! We had such a blast. After words was lunch at the Market, then strolling around on Copacabana beach and watching the huge waves roll. We traveled to this beautiful town to watch the Youth team play, sadly they lost in four games, but they still have the chance to win the tournament so that’s great! We’ll be rooting for them. Well it’s late, and I hope everyone has a great night! ~Whitney Mendivil, Junior Team

High Performance JUNIOR TEAM Blog: July 25th

Oi people well this is Emma again. Well today was one of the coolest and fun days that we have had here in Brazil. Well we went to Sugar Loaf and I am terrified of heights and we went up this big rock that grew up out of the ground and then became a mountain, haha. Then we came back to the hotel and ate lunch and changed to go to the youth’s game, they did so good they beat a team in 5 games. We went back to the hotel ate dinner and got ready to go SAMBA oh my gosh we had so much fun there it was a club and I think that there music is different from our music in the states. We came back to the hotel and slept. This has been the coolest experience that I have had in my life, I love the girls and the coaches they have made me feel like a Utahan haha. Obrigado

Bonjour haha jk Oi from Brazil! This is Fiona again. Today was fetchin awesome! Well there is this big rock haha well mountain and it is called Sugar Loaf. We went up on a cable car it was so much fun. being on a high mountain was cool. I felt like I was gonna fall every time I looked over the bars. After that we got back and then went to the youth’s game they did so good. They won in 5 it was the best they have played yet I think. So when we arrived back to the hotel we got ready to go eat then samba! Oh my Hannah Montana it was way fun. It was very different to our clubs back in Utah but it was fun. We danced with our bottles of water while everybody else had beers it was funny. Anyways its really late so I am gonna hit the sack. So nighterz to all those in Utah and Idaho.