Tuesday, July 22, 2008

High Performance JUNIOR TEAM Blog: July 20th

After breakfast at our hotel, we headed out to the beach for some volleyball against the Macaé team that we have been playing over the past few days. It was a beautiful, hot day as we set up the nets to play each other. We first started out with wave games, then switched to four-on-four USA vs. Brazil (Youth Teams vs. Youth Teams, etc.). It was such a blast! Even though most of our teams got worked, haha we fared pretty well on the beach considering most of the USA girls haven’t played beach volleyball before. The boys delighted in playing football for awhile (Bruno, Augusto, Edward, Connor, and Darrian Mendivil, as well as Parker). Some of the girls got into the ocean with eight foot waves, while others continued to play. Soon after each person from the different teams paired up and we went to get pizza. It was a great cultural learning experience for everyone! It was nice to meet the other girls and get to know them better, plus exchanging gifts and e-mails.

Once the goodbye’s were said it was off for an hour and a half trip to the city of Buziós. Our hotel is absolutely gorgeous!! It’s more of an authentic Brazilian feel than our American style hotel was in Macaé. There are vines coming out of the ceiling, and each room is decorated with very cute beds and showers. The view from outside looks like a jungle, we found out our area is a type of resort so no wonder the city is so beautiful. Cesar took us down to the beach so we could see where it was, and the view was breathtaking. Adorable houses and tree’s all over the places, and you can see mountains that are far out at sea. Connor fell over while the kids were playing with their feet in the sand haha it was quite hilarious. After a delicious dinner and fun rounds of UNO, we went out to shop. The shopping was fun! Very nice stuff that we had to pick and choose from, no need to overdo it though we are going to do more shopping tomorrow and plus sailing!

Whitney Mendivil, Junior Team

July 20, 2008
Well we woke up in the morning and ate another delicious breakfast! I love the food here! It seems so much more healthy than the food in America. I told myself that I just have to go out of my comfort zone and try new things and new foods! And now that I have I really enjoy them! Then after, we went to the beach across from our hotel and played beach volleyball against the Macae girls! They were so much better on the beach courts then us because they are used to playing and running in the sand! They all wore BRAZILIAN swim suits! I loved it. WE played as doubles and then four on four and when we were not on the court we were taking on the waves in the ocean! It surprises me every time that I get in the ocean because it is so salty! I’ve swallowed a lot of water! But lucky for me I haven’t gotten sick at all! Then after we all got done playing we invited the girls to come and eat lunch with us at a local sandwich café. I loved spending the time with them and getting to know each other’s personalities even thought we didn’t speak the same language! They are all such beautiful girls and they all knew a little bit of English! We took a lot of pictures and gave hugs to the girls! Then we had to leave the beach and return to the hotel and pack up our stuff to drive to the next town! We are now in Buzios! This town is the most gorgeous town I have ever been to! Everything is so green and all the houses are so humble and unique! Our hotel is really exotic and it makes me feel like I am in the jungle! The people are so amazing here! Everyone is so nice and loving and welcoming to us! Then we ate a marvelous dinner here at the hotel! I just love everything about Brazil! There are so many colors and everything is really tropical! We also went to the Buzios downtown shopping center! This was my favorite experience so far! I love shopping but shopping in Brazil seemed even better! There was a lot of clothes and jewelry that were really exotic! All the jewelry that I bought was hand made and sold right on the spot! I bought stuff for my family and friends but we also get to go shopping here tomorrow so there is no need to stress out! I love Brazil!

-Kortnie Christiansen, Junior Team

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