Sunday, July 27, 2008

High Performance JUNIOR TEAM Blog: July 26th

Well…today was a wonderful day! We did a lot of chilling and cheering! This morning we got to sleep in very very late! Then we went for a stroll on the beach and saw many giant waves. There was a lot of people body surfing and it was really cool to watch. Then we went to the market as a team and April and I shared a pizza. The USA mens team beat BRAZIL in three games this morning and we were screaming and going crazy in our room! Then we went to the youth’s game later and they lost in 4 games. They played so good, it was really sad! But the town that we went to was beautiful! The gym was super nice!! And now we are going to sleep!!! I’m tired! Goodnight! -Kortnie Christiansen junior team

Wat up from Rio! Today was a pretty chill day. We woke up for breakfast to find out that all of our coaches got tickets to see the USA vs. BRAZIL match…let me tell you I (and many others) were majorly jealous! So Kortnie, Emma, Fiona, April, Michelle, and I all decided to have a party in our hotel room with Guarana, and Brazilian cookies and chocolate as we watched the USA men beat up on the Brazilians in 3! We had such a blast. After words was lunch at the Market, then strolling around on Copacabana beach and watching the huge waves roll. We traveled to this beautiful town to watch the Youth team play, sadly they lost in four games, but they still have the chance to win the tournament so that’s great! We’ll be rooting for them. Well it’s late, and I hope everyone has a great night! ~Whitney Mendivil, Junior Team

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