Tuesday, July 22, 2008

High Performance YOUTH TEAM Blog: July 20th

Balaisa from Hannah! That means “everythings good” in Portuguese. The day I’m journaling about is the 20th. The very first thing we did today was go to the beach. We played beach volleyball against the Brazilian girls, it was totally obvious that they did this a lot, I know I felt a little inexperienced. We played four on four against them. Nobody one but Nikki, Kenzie, Ciara and me were the closest the score was 15 to 18. After playing beach and getting in the water (the waves were huge!) we took the Brazilian girls out to lunch at a deli. It was way fun and we really got to know the girls better, when it was time for them to leave everyone was really sad, I was so surprised at the connection we all made so quickly. We traded emails and addresses so that we could keep in touch. After lunch it was time to leave Macae and go to Buzios. The ride was around an hour and a half, we watched Akon music videos on the ride there. When we got to the hotel I was so amazed. It is seriously the prettiest hotel I have ever seen, it is small little buildings surrounded by tons of plants and flowers and birds and lizards, and of course the mosquitos. We went to see the beach that is closest to our hotel, it was beautiful. We later learned that Buzios is the most famous tourist town in all of South America, we learned that when we went to the market later that night. The market was huge and it had so many little booths with jewelry and shoes along with boutiques with clothes priced at 200-300 reals! I got a bunch of jewelry for really cheap , which would be way more expensive in the States. After shopping (we ended at 11) we were pretty wiped out so we decided to head to bed, ready to start the next day! Talk to you soon Ciao!

OI! This is Ciara. Today was amazing. We got to sleep in so we could be fully rested for the day. When we woke up we, went down to a wonderful breakfast, full of exotic fruits, different types of rolls and waffles, and cereal. After that we all went up to our rooms to change in our bathing suits, due to the fact that we were going to go and meet the Macae volleyball team at the beach, and play in the sand. It was a great experience, just watching them play, with all the ball control, and how they know where to put the ball, whenever they want to. After we were done we took them to a local pizza parlor, where we bought our new friends lunch. When we were done, we said our goodbyes, went to shower , than took off to Buzios. As soon as we got, there, we were in love. The hotel was beautiful, with all the tropical flowers, little bungalows , and birds. When we were settled we went down to the amazing local beach. It was absolutely breath taking… everybody was in awe. The wonderful blue waves crashing down around the paper like sand, was like heaven. Soon, enough we all went to eat , than got ready for a night in the wonderful city of Buzios. We hit all the exotic shops, ate delicious food, and watched some of the tribal dances. It was like taking a step back, and watching a new way of life. How people can connect through so many different things. After, we shopped a little, ate, and danced, we got on the bus and went back to the hotel, so that we could get a good night sleep, and get ready for another awesome day, here in Brazil.

We miss you all, and we are looking forward to seeing you. Until next time,

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