Friday, July 25, 2008

High Performance YOUTH TEAM Blog: July 24th

Hey everyone! It’s the 24th of July and today we had an awesome day! It’s Hannah talking by the way. We woke up pretty early this morning so that we could go play on the beach, we worked a lot on ball control and passing and hitting. Beach is pretty hard, a lot different than volleyball indoors.

After playing beach and going to the ocean for awhile we got ready for one of the most amazing experiences ever, the USA men’s team playing the Poland in the semi-finals of the World League! I don’t think I have ever seen such amazing volleyball in person in my whole life. The men could hit so hard, just by watching them I felt as if I got better. It was so fun to see what they could do with the ball and by watching their arms, hands and movements I knew what I could do to improve. The game was so so exciting, it went to five games ending with USA winning 16 to 14. Our team was even on international tv in the stadium! After the match we got to meet some of the men from the team. We met Priddy and Stanley, the hardest server in the world. They were really appreciative of our support and our extremely loud cheering, which they could only somewhat hear over all the booing we got, but we didn’t care it just made us cheer louder!

Returning from the men’s game we had about a three hour break where we could just hang out, I took a little nap, I was pretty exhausted. For dinner we went to this Brazilian barbeque restaurant where they cut the meat onto your plate. I ate so much meat and so many different kinds I thought I would pop, some of them were a little interesting. I ate beef, pork, turkey heart, chicken heart (this was not an experience I would like to remember), cow neck, lamb, cheese wontons, egg salad and fried bananas. Most of the meat was amazing, it was so juicy and tender, they also had sushi, I had tried it at the pizza place last night so I decided not to eat that again! Today was an awesome day filled with so much fun stuff, and I can’t wait till tomorrow! Talk to you later! Adios! P.S. Mom and Dad and Ethan I love you

Oi! Hey everyone, it’s Ciara. Today, was an awesome day. We started off the morning with a wonderful breakfast, full of fruit, rolls, and eggs, than the youth team headed down to the Copacabana beach for a training session. After we were done playing some intense volleyball, we went back to our rooms to shower, so that we could go and watch our men’s national team play Poland in the World League semi finals. When we got there, everybody was excited to see us, all the fans and working staff, etc. After we got our seats, they played all different types of music, where everybody was standing and clapping, just having a good time. As soon as both the teams came onto the court, the energy level rose 1,000 degrees, as well as the intensity level. It was shocking to see how many Polish fans Brazil had… ha. Soon, the game started, and we had developed our own cheering section, full of many Brazilian children. When we would start a cheer, the whole rest of the stadium would boo, and whistle, which in a way was really intimidating. The first four games flew by in a flash, but the last of the set was the most intense. The U.S. team barely won 16-14.

After the game was over, we got to go down onto the court and meet the entire U.S. National team. It was amazing, and a wonderful opportunity. Getting to shake their hands sent chills up my spine. When that was over, we headed back to the hotel for a nice nap. For dinner, we hit a Brazilian Barbeque, where we ate turkey heart, chicken heart, beef, pork, cow neck, and lamb. It was really different, but I enjoyed it. Well, I love all my family, and I miss you all very much!!

Love you Camden and Crash
Hasta la vista

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