Friday, July 25, 2008

High Performance JUNIOR TEAM Blog: July 24th

Hey guys! It’s Ashley again from the Junior team. Today we had a different schedule than the Youth, but it was still equally as awesome! We woke up and had breakfast at the hotel, and then walked on the beach for about twenty minutes. We then got ready for our match early, so that we could head to the USA Men’s National match. We only got to stay for two matches, but it was still so worth it to go! The men can hit so hard, and it was fun to see some boys play volleyball for once! We left for our match which was a half hour drive, and played at this club for kids and teens. It was really fun, especially because all of these little kids that were in their early elementary years had come to watch and cheer for us. Right when we walked in they were cheering Los Estados Unidos!!! It was so cute. They cheered for us so hard, and even asked our names and chanted them. We won our match in four. After our match, we exchanged our uniforms, and danced with the other team for about fifteen minutes. We tried to teach them some of ours, and they taught us some of theirs. It was a lot of fun. For dinner, we went to this amazing grill, with all kinds of meat to eat. The food was amazing. The bathroom was pretty sweet too, with floss and automatic garbage cans!! A lot of the girls and I had chicken heart as well. It wasn’t very good, but now we can brag about it! All in all another great day in Brazil. -Ciao-

Hey everybody its Janae! Today we all went to the U.S.A vs Poland match. It was so much fun but the junior team had to leave halfway through the match to go to their game. The youth got to stay and watch the whole thing. The junior team won their match in four games it was awesome! Then we all went to dinner and came back to the hotel to go to bed! I hope to see more of Brazil and have fun!


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Teuila said...

Hey Juniors,

Sounds like you are having lots of fun? Em, it is your mom. Just getting back from girls' camp. All is well in Pokyville. Dad and the boys send their love. Mada is having a blast and Tori is in Hawaii. Excited to see you next week. Auntie Annette is picking you up next week and I will see on Friday. I love you and miss you lots. Tofa soifua... mom