Monday, July 21, 2008

High Performance JUNIOR TEAM Blog: July 19th

HI Everyone its Fiona! Today was so much fun. Well obviously we first woke up in the morning then went and got breakfast. The hotel serves great breakfast, the fruit is amazing!! After that we went to store to get water and snacks for ourselves. Guess what’s next? The beach!! The water is pretty cold and has a strong under current so we couldn’t go in too far, but it was fun just chillin. We came back and showered up and went to play our volleyball matches. The youth dominated! They won in three. Congrats to them! We the juniors on the other hand didn’t have quite a good match we lost in three L but it’s a new day. So we got back to the hotel and cleaned up and went to dinner and after that we went to walk and chill on the beach. It was a lot of fun we just played games and had fun. We went and got ice cream after it was pretty cool you get to scoop your own and pay based on the weight. Over all it was a super duper day!!

Hey people I am Emma Filiaga! Today is so much fun. We first woke up this morning and ate at the beautiful hotel that we are staying at! DELICIOUS! Well anyways we then went to the which was fun I love all the girls and coaches here they are making my experience so much fun. We had so much fun on the beach today the water was warmer than I had expected and so we just played in the water forever, I got the best tan line. If my mom is reading this tell the boys that I am getting dark, hahahahaha. We then came back to the hotel and got ready to hit the court, we walked to McDonalds and ate, walked to the Gym it was pretty fun. Our team did not win Macae beat us in three games some points we would work hard and other points we just gave up on everything, but over all we had fun. Then later on tonight we went and walked on the beach and it was so pretty walking on the beach it was so much fun we drew things in the sand and took pictures. Then we went to get ice cream at this place in the town it was pretty good ice cream some of the taste were different compared to the ice cream we have back in the states. I am having so much fun her I love it here the girls that we play against are nice and the group of girls are making my experience more and more fun.

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