Thursday, July 24, 2008

High Performance YOUTH TEAM Blog: July 22st

Journal entry
Oi, it’s Clotile again. We had a great day. We played at the beach and got sweet tans (except for me though cause I already have a sweet tan), and also played some volleyball with new people that we meet. Then some of us took a nice jog along the beach. Most of the girls decided to go back to the hotel, but me, Ashley and Cherish stayed and swam a bit longer.
When we got back to the hotel and got ready for our hike with Ricardo. The hike was long and steep and tiring!!! But it was totally worth it because when we got to the top the view of the ocean was AMAZING. There were so many mountains and even cacti. We also took lots of pictures. Then we went back to the hotel again to get ready to go shopping.

The night on the town was awesome. I went with my team and we all had some sort of pizza. Kenzie and I shared this really good banana pizza. Later on that night I meet up with some of the junior players and walked around with them. As we were walking we saw this silver robotic man who danced for us when we gave him money. Then we saw some dancing and some guy jump over a rope (a really high rope). We also meet cute boys and got ice cream.

We got back to the hotel around 10:45 and I went up to Cherish and Kortnie’s room and played “America’s Next Top Model”. The photographer was Cherish and the director was Kortnie and I was the top model. I stayed over there for about 20 minutes and went and got my stuff packed. That’s my wonderful day. Love, Clotile Moananu-Harris #12

Bonjia!! Hey it’s Alydia currently I am riding on a bus to Rio where there is the most beautiful beach on earth, that’s what Bruno said. But I’m not supposed to talk about today, so I will talk about yesterday.
Yesterday was great we got to sleep in and go to the beach and relax in the sun. It was a beach full of wonderful views, and I’m not just talking about the landscape, there were many beautiful men in many little Speedos. One in particular was named Iván; he definitely had a little Speedo. Iván played volleyball with us on the beach and he helped us with our ice cream, money problem.

After the beach we went back to the posada and Bruno, Augusto, Parker, Michele, and I played Uno in the hot tub. Lets just say that’s the last time we will be able to play Uno… After that I took a shower and got ready to go hiking.

The next thing we did was get on the bus and drive to the trail head, which was a road that lead up the mountain. It was a very short hike but the views were unbelievable! It was so beautiful on top of the mountain you could see so far.

After the hike we went back to the hotel and got our money to go shopping at the market. Once we got to the market we ate dinner as a team at a pizza place, they had really strange types of pizza, like banana and cinnamon, but they all turned out to be delicious! Then we split up into two groups Augusto came with Kallie, Hannah, Ciara and me. We had so much fun! At first we shopping for our families but then we saw a place called Laser Shot! It was like Laser Quest and our team took 2nd! Lots of little boys beat us. It was really fun though. Then we had ice cream with everyone on our team and went back to the posada. We packed and went to bed. We love you guys!!

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