Thursday, July 24, 2008

High Performance JUNIOR TEAM Blog: July 23rd

Hey this is Alisha and Cherish reporting from Rio and it is day 7 here in Brazil. We are chillin in our sweet hotel. Today was very interesting… We started out pretty early this morning in Buzios, we loaded our stuff up and had a yummy breakfast. Oh by the way, the food here is phenomenal! After breakfast we all jumped on the bus for a long dreary ride to Rio, haha not really, it wasn’t that bad. We got to our new hotel and they weren’t ready for us so we all threw our stuff into a couple of rooms and went to lunch. Then we took off for our game. We won!!! We left for our hotel again and got ready for an amazing pizza dinner. They had every imaginable flavor of pizza. Even all of the dessert kinds you would ever think of. Everyone ate so much… we could hardly move after. All in all it was an amazing day… Over and out! Alisha and Cherish.

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