Thursday, July 24, 2008

High Performance JUNIOR TEAM Blog: July 22th

Oi!! This is Michele and April speaking! We were suppose to write the blog about our day yesterday but our adventure kept getting better! So I am writing it this morning!
Yesterday it was awesome because it was one of the first days that we got to sleep in! Once we all met in the lobby after eating breakfast, we all walked to the beach in Buzio. When we arrived it was just so beautiful! The scenery and everything was just amazing! There were people everywhere selling dresses and jewelry where some of us went shopping crazy! We were two of them. Also a sight to see was the men in speedos. How many guys do you see wearing speedos in the United States!? Also we went running on the beach as a team, and I have always wanted to do that! It really felt good after eating so much food and gaining some pounds from it.
When we were through at the beach we went back to the hotel and swam in the pool and hot tub. What was really fun was Bruno, Augusto, Parker, Alydia and us playing UNO cards in the hot tub! Our goal for not getting the cards wet didn’t last very long….
After having that experience we then found out that Ricardo had invited us to go hiking with him and his wife. He took us to this beautiful place where the view was just amazing! We had so much fun and we’re so glad that he invited us to go with him.
We traveled back to the hotel after we were done with the hike and grabbed our money to go shopping at the market. Our Junior team decided that we would all eat together as a team, so we went and ate at a crepe restaurant. Everyone said that theirs was delicious! After we had dinner we split up and went and did what we wanted. After a while it got boring shopping so we all sat and talked while eating ice cream. We like hearing Augusto and Bruno say big words so we taught them how to say antidisestablishmentarianism…. We don’t even know if that’s how you spell it. It was so funny.
While we were sitting there eating for some odd reason Bruno and Augusto started telling us what animals we all looked like. Immediately they told Michele that she was a macaca… which is monkey in Portuguese. They told April that she was a piriquito… which is a parakeet. It was really fun.
By the end of the night we were all pooped and went to bed. It was a fun but tiring day. We’re excited to go to Rio tomorrow. It should be a fun, exciting, new adventure.

We miss you all! Love Michele and April! Xau!! (chao)

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