Tuesday, July 22, 2008

High Performance YOUTH TEAM Blog: July 21st

HEEEEYYYY everyone!!! It’s Danica today. :] Everything was freakin kick butt! At about ten-ish we went sailing for a good couple of hours! Really it was one of the best things ever. Haha every so often they would stop the boat and we could jump off and swim in the water. I would jump off a so many times, that was the best part! And when you would be I there you could use floaties, pretty much everyone went in. Even the ones who couldn’t seem to well :] We also had a DANCE PAAAARTY! They were teaching us some pretty sick dance moves… I’m even more pro now! :P You would fall all over the place as the boat would rock and just try and grab a hold of whatever you could! After the boat ride we went back to where we went shopping yesterday and had lunch. Because us “youth” girls are so AWESOME… we decided to have lunch together. We went to this place called David’s and the food was amazing. After we went to the beach to play in the water (again)! Like I said before, because the youth girls are awesome, we all went together! Some junior girls, my family, Bruno, Augsto, tari, and alaina also came along. We were playing keep away with the football… boys against girls. Girls rocked ‘em! We then just played in the ocean. The tide was pulling us really bad, but it was fun! After we came back to the hotel to swim some more… I think we have some problems and can’t stay out of water!!! The pool was too cold and the hot tub was filled, so the youth girls, April, Bruno, and Augsto went into the sauna. You couldn’t even breathe in there! It was so hot, and you were breathing in fumes or something. We were telling stories though so it was fun! After that we just kinda chilled in our rooms and waited for dinner. After that we made plans to have a bon fire on the beach. I was stoked! Haha we found wood on the streets on our way down there to build it. We just told stories and had a good time! The water looked so pretty!

PEACE OUT EVERYONE! I hope you enjoyed my entry :]

Okay this little part is for Larry now (if he reads it haha) but that is what we did today! And I miss you! I really hope your camp is going well…. I want to know how you do as soon as you know! :] I better be the first person. Haha you were the first person I told… but that’s cause I love you muchly. Okay any who I’m getting darker! I might look like you now ^-^ not really… oh but I’m wearing your jersey! Awesome I know. Okay… I don’t know what else to say… I wrote it all above about my day. I’m pretty sure my chin is good now. My shoulder is feeling better also. We saw a PEGUIN! AH…. Okay well love you bye!

Oi Amigos. This is Courtney here. This trip has been one of the best experiences of my life. On day 4 we had a blast. ;) Today we started off the day by going sailing. We got on this huge sail boat with a bunch of different Brazilian people. We got to see the ways of how they react to different things. It was super fun to see those kinds of things. They would occasionally stop the boat so that we could get off the boat and jump in the water. The water was FREEZING!!! I thought that my legs were going to freeze off of me. Then Wade wanted Kallie and I to swim to shore. That wasn’t to fun. Everyone kept yelling “SHARK” and I thought that my legs were going to get bitten off. It was scary. I didn’t enjoy that part. After we got back on the boat Kallie and I felt much better. We sailed for a little bit longer then finally got back to shore. After that we went to lunch as a team. We went to this restaurant called David’s. It was really good. We got a little bit of everything and the food was great. After enjoying our great lunch we went to the beach. The girls played a game with the football against the boys. I just got to watch due to a pulled groin. . . .(we think). It was great fun to see how competitive the boys and the girls were against each other. We got done on the beach and as a team (the youth) we sat in the sauna and the jacuzi and told stories. Lots of funny things came up. It was great. After that we enjoyed a great Brazilian dinner at our cute little resort hotel. The food here has been amazing!!! It has been great to enjoy all the different kinds of foods. After dinner we went back to the beach and built a fire. It was quite big to start off and slowly died down. We did skits and told stories to end off the night. We then came back to the hotel to jump in our nice warm beds and enjoy a good night’s sleep to have a fun fifth day.

I love you all and miss you tons. :) love court.

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smckown said...

Wow it Sounds like you guys are having a great time. I am so jealous and wish I could be there with you guys! I can't believe Kallie and Courtney swam to shore with the sharks:).

Miss you all!